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Detail King Express is your go-to paint correction provider in Orange County. We know that your car’s paint encounters several environmental hazards that may rob it of that glossy finish. And with paint correction, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be restored.

However, it won’t mean anything if you don’t get the assistance of experienced professionals. Like any other car detailing Orange County service, paint correction is a necessary procedure handled with care and perfection. Detail King Express has a highly trained and experienced team of professionals ready to assist in such cases.

Since we are highly trained, we follow the recommended steps in paint correction Orange County and do so to perfection. Not only that but following the procedures keenly ensures that just about every defect on the surface is removed. Here is an overview of our paint correction steps.

Before any paint correction, thorough paint cleaning is a must. No contamination should be left behind since it may cause swirl marks during the buffing process. And so, to ensure that ultimate perfection, first, we usually use a chemical to strip the loose dirt and debris from the paint. We then hand wash, purge the car with compressed air, and dry with a premium microfiber towel.

Afterward, we assess the level of contamination and use a clay bar to remove any stubborn contaminants. We then wash the car, purge, then dry. We then tape off sensitive areas like emblems, trim pieces, etc.

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Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson
Zach always does a great job. Keeps my ceramic coating looking great!!! He does all my cars!
Khoe Huynh Tu
Khoe Huynh Tu
In short - Highly recommended. Zach was super professional and detailed oriented. After 5+ years of shed happy pets (dogs and Guinea pigs), travels through mud/sand, and daily commuting (including eating in my car), the interior of my car had taken a beating. I needed to get my interior detailed for an addition to our family, and Detail Kings delivered. I wasn’t expecting near new car, off the lot clean, but received my car in that manner. Super fortunate that they were able to fit me into their schedule last minute. I also appreciate the fact that they are a brick and mortar business where I could drop off my car and not worry about having the needed hookups for mobile detailing.
Paul Bracey
Paul Bracey
Zack and his crew are true Pro’s. What a great shop. The guys know what their doing and their work product is second to none. They were able to clean and restore headlamps on a 14 year old Honda that I thought was impossible. They are friendly and love cars and what they do. I have recommended Detail King to all my friends and all have been pleased with their work. Fair prices and great work.
Dhruv Bhakta
Dhruv Bhakta
Zach and his guys are the best. Not only did they change my headlights as requested on my 22 GLE450, he detailed my SUV and made sure it was returned immaculate. I’ll be taking all my cars to him from now on for all ceramic coatings and PPF.
I had a great experience with Detail King Express. Zach was very punctual and responsive to all my phone calls, emails, and text messages. Everyone in their shop was professional. I reached out to them since I had just purchased a new Ram TRX and wasn’t certain what would be the best way to keep the truck looking great for as long as possible. Based on their recommendations, I went with the Ceramic Pro Silver Package, Paint correction, and Interior Ceramic Coating. Overall, the truck looks great and I am very satisfied with how everything worked out.
Kamai Ohana
Kamai Ohana
If you want the very best detail that your money will pay for then stop here. Once there just talk to Zach and you’ll understand why he’s the best person for your detail needs. From your daily driver to your luxurious rides he’s got you covered. And if your a motorcycle rider, he is too so he knows what it means to get your baby done right.
Thao Pham
Thao Pham
I just got the Tesla Model Y and I would like to have it ceramic coating on the car .They very very nice and did a fantastic job on my car highly recommended especially when you got a new car to have ceramic coating on it thank you

Paint Correction​ Process

Stage 1: Heavy Defect Removal

The first step is heavy defect removal, also known as cutting or buffing. It includes the actual paint correction process and should be done with care. Depending on the level of defects, the process involves using two types of machines. These can either be rotary or dual action polisher. Rotary machines are needed to remove heavy defects like deep scratches and swirl marks. On the other hand, a dual-action polisher is required when removing mild to moderate imperfections.

Stage 2: Paint Refinement


This process aims to bring the paint as close to perfection as possible. The success of the whole procedure depends on how thorough this step is handled. In addition, it makes the last step easier. The process is performed with a dual-action polisher paired with a medium-cut pad & compound or polish. Our team will work a small section to ensure proper pad and compound selection. With the desired results, we will continue to refine the outcome and redo it as many times until that desired result is attained.


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Stage 3: Final Polish

Also called jeweling, our experts will polish the paint. They do this to improve the gloss and clarity of the paint. We use a finishing foam pad with fine polish paired with a dual action polisher. And we do this each inch of a panel at a time. We reinspect the paint to ensure no polishing residue remains for that ultimate result.

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Is A Paint Correction Worth It?

A car paint correction is often beneficial due to many reasons. For one, it ensures your car lasts long. So, if you care about the appearance and longevity of your car, doing a paint correction is perfectly worth it. While the process can be costly, it boosts your car’s resale value at the end of it all. At Detail King Express, you can be sure to get affordable paint correction Orange County services. Contact us now!

Does Paint Correction Fix Scratches?

Yes, a paint correction will remove any imperfections in your car and leave your vehicle looking new. This will not only remove scratches and marring but will also restore the car’s clear coat, offing that perfect shine.

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