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What is Kavaca Clear Bra?

KAVACA automotive paint protection Ceramic Pro infused films are the most advanced PPF films available on the market today. KAVACA PPF is a high-performance aliphatic polyurethane film, it is specifically designed to protect painted surfaces from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and environmental fallout. KAVACA also provides Window Tint film, providing the best full coverage for you vehicle. Our PPF Orange County offers the most advanced self-healing properties of any film in the industry. Additionally, KAVACA® Automotive Films are infused with Ceramic Pro for the ultimate protection of the film itself. 

Kavaca originates from the ancient language Sanskrit. It translates into English as armor that ancient warriors from India wore to protect them during battle. The armor gave these brave fighters a competitive advantage in the field, due to its unique design, and the amazing form-fitting features – that securely bonded to the soldier’s body.

This armor dates back nearly 4,000 years – but the concept of integrating advanced technology to maintain an advantage over the competition holds true today. That’s why Detail King Express chose Kavaca the brand of Ceramic Pro’s revolutionary technology-infused line of automotive films. Ceramic Pro has established a solid reputation for being the leader in automotive, industrial, marine, and aerospace nano-ceramic coatings for years.


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The Best Windshield Protection Film

Detail King Express is now proud to offer premium windshield protection film installation. STEK DYNOflex will help you reduce the risk of replacing your windshield from damage that could end up costing you hundreds of dollars. Many new vehicles come with Advanced Driving Assistance system cameras and sensors (ADAS), so the small investment to protect your windshield long-term will save you from the headache of an unexpected bill and time without a vehicle. 

We choose to work with STEK DYNOflex because of its many features:

  • Ultimate protection for the sensors on your windshield
  • Hydrogen-bonded polyurethane that acts as a spring for shock absorption
  • Crack-resistant and self-healing properties
  • Interior Protection with 99% UV rejection
  • Weatherproof to withstand the harshest conditions
  • Shrinkage-free easy installation 

With our Window Tint service you will be protected from harmful UV Rays, block out infrared heat, and keep your care more secure. 

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Windshield Protection

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Shock Absorption

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UV Protection

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Professional PPF/Clear Bra Installation

When it comes to paint protection films, Detail King Express is the leading company in Orange County you can count on for professional service. Like other car detailing Orange County solutions, Paint protection is getting better and better. Consequently, we understand these ever-changing innovations and use them to protect your vehicle.

For instance, KAVACA automotive paint protection is a developing and highly preferred method. And the reasons for this are endless, as it is a highly advanced and high-performance aliphatic polyurethane film. PPF is specifically designed to protect any painted surfaces from abrasion, corrosion, chemicals, and other fallouts.

A ceramic pro-PPF is the film of choice for you if you want the benefits of having the best protection for your vehicle. During production, the film is usually coated with ceramic Pro PPF and vinyl formula. This means that as soon as it is installed on your car, you can be sure to benefit from all the hydrophobic qualities of a ceramic pro coating.

Similarly, a ceramic pro-PPF offers outstanding gloss, and clarity and defends your car against rocks, chips, and debris. Even better, it is easy to maintain and provides both self-cleaning and self-healing benefits.

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Clear Bra Paint Protection Film

When people refer to “clear bra,” they are usually talking about paint protection film. A special type of thermoplastic is used that has better durability than regular car paints and can provide extra protection for your front end if something hits it. Some brands will always appear yellowing no matter how much washing there’s been since production because these plastics contain guar gum which causes them to become darker over time due mainly to moisture getting inside through tiny gaps between microscopic fibers within its surface layer-this means

At Detail King Express, it is common for people to ask why they need Clear Bra for their vehicle. The truth is that your vehicle is an investment worth the best maintenance plans. And protecting it from the start helps maintain its value by preserving its finish. The best part is that this protection is assured of getting you going beyond the normal wear and tear.

One of the most important things to consider is having your Clear Bra installed by experienced experts. Detail King Express boasts a highly trained team of professionals to ensure excellent service. With that, we shall ensure that the procedure increases your vehicle’s trade-in value and save you money in the long run. Here are some more details about the paint protection film process.

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Our Paint Protection Film Process

The first step in the paint protection film process is measuring and drawing out the body panel. It is then mapped with a node plotter on a digitized mat linked to a computer. The mat then remaps the image into a specifically designed software for paint protection film.

Once it is done perfectly, the film is cut in preparation for installation. The excess paint protection film is removed to leave the needed panel pieces on the baking sheet. This process is known as weeding. Once the core panel is ready, they are applied to the car. But the care itself must be prepared for the process after a proper detailing.

The next step is to use a degreaser to remove the silicone residue or any other particle. They ensure the body panel surfaces are clean and smooth without any lumps or bumps. Once degreased, the film solution is sprayed over the area where the protection film will be applied.

With the film installed on the paint surface, we use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles underneath it. Another step worth performing after the film is fully installed is to set the memory of the film with a heat gun. This is done to eliminate the film’s possibility of returning to its original shape. Your car will also have to wait for 24-hours for the procedure to take full effect. 

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