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Ceramic coating Orange County is another service we offer here at Detail King Express. Ceramic Pro coat is the best paint protection available today. Our certified expert installers are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to applying and installing ceramic coating to your vehicle.

What makes Ceramic Pro Coating the best? Ceramic Pro Coating utilizes state-of-the-art nanotechnology to offer that much-needed protection to your vehicle. With this, your car’s exterior will be safe from staining, UV damage, dirt, and debris. In addition to that, the hydrophobic properties make your vehicle easy and quick to clean.


Ceramic Pro ION is a two-component ceramic coating system that utilizes revolutionary ION Exchange Technology to fuse multiple coating layers into a single, durable, and robust protected surface. This coating technology increases the strength of the atomic bond within the two coatings, and the original substrate once applied.

The result is a ceramic coating that produces twice the durability, integrity, and longevity of traditional nanoceramic coatings.

This Next Generation Ceramic Coating is EXCLUSIVELY available at Ceramic Pro Elite Dealers like ourselves.

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Ceramic Coating Process

 Now that you know the benefits of ceramic pro coating, how do we apply it to your car? Here is a highlight of our ceramic coating process.

One of the most critical aspects of installing ceramic coating is prepping the paintwork. The process involves full decontamination of the paintwork is usually carried out to ensure that all impurities on the paintwork are removed.

The next step is using a clay bar on the car’s paint. The primary purpose of this process is to remove any of the embedded contaminants in the paintwork. We do this to remove any imperfections on the vehicle to ensure a perfect ceramic coating at the end of the day.

Before applying any form of coating to the care, it is excellent to ensure that the paintwork is in its best possible condition. However, note that this process cannot be necessary for a new car. Yet using a machine polisher on the care before applying the coating will make a significant difference.


We use a panel wipe designed to remove polish residue to protect the surface. Polishing a car usually leaves some oily residue on the paintwork and can look like a haze.

Once the car is ready for ceramic coating, we apply the product. Working in small sections on the paintwork goes along with the ceramic coating. We take our time and ensure the process delivers as expected.

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Why You Need Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a worthwhile investment that you should consider to ensure maximum protection for your vehicle. It comes with several benefits, including eliminating the need to wax your car. It also offers a long-lasting and cost-effective solution to your vehicle. Products like Ceramic Pro Coating last for many years, making them a worthy investment that will ensure the car looks good for the many years to come.

Ceramic coating also increases your car’s market value. Preserving your car with ceramic pro increases its market resale value. This is due to the car’s long-lasting and fantastic shine and the coating’s capacity to maintain its original factory paint. All these at the end of the day will allow for maximum return.

Ceramic coating also gives you an effortless cleaning from contaminants. The coating gives your car a smooth finish that prevents dirt and debris from collecting on the paint. Contact us now!

Ceramic Coating Packages

Ceramic Pro Sports Package

6 - 12 Months Coating

Ceramic Pro Sports Package

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Ceramic Pro Bronze Package

2 - 3 Years Coating

Ceramic Pro Bronze Package

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Ceramic Pro Silver Package

5 - 7 Year Coating

Ceramic Pro Silver Package

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Ceramic Pro Gold Package

Lifetime Coating

Ceramic Pro Gold Package

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